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Murfreesboro, NC - Local Cedar Shakes Shingles Roofers Located Near Me
Cedar Shakes Shingles are one of the oldest types of shingle roof systems being used today in modern times. Cedar Shake shingles provide an old style look to your home.
Murfreesboro, NC - Local Cedar Shakes Roofing Company Located Near Me
Wood shingles reflect the sun and they expand and contract with hot and cold temperatures. Wood Shakes absorb rain water so the real protection is the underlayment installed under each row of shakes.
Murfreesboro, North Carolina - Local Wood Shingles Repairs Near Me
Residential homeowners love how there new cedar shake roofing shingles look when they are first installed with new copper flashing in the valleys, chimneys and copper counter flashing.
Murfreesboro, North Carolina - Cedar Shake Shingle Roofing
Murfreesboro, NC
Cedar Shake Shingle Roofing
Cedar Shake Shingles have a unique look and they are often installed in Murfreesboro, NC. Wood shake shingle roofing systems provide an old rustic type of look that appeals to many homeowners.
Local Residential Cedar Shakes Shingle Roofing Companies Located Near Me
Wood Shake Shingle roofing is still installed on many commercial properties throughout the Murfreesboro, NC. Cedar Shake shingles are nailed on front mansards of shopping centers all over the Murfreesboro area because of the colonial look Cedar Shakes bring to onlookers.
Perfections Cedar Shingles Roofing Located Near Me Murfreesboro, NC
Perfection wooden shakes or also known as Cedar shake perfections are top quality Cedar shingles that all have straight edges and provide a perfect look instead of a ridged look like other Cedar Shake roofing shingles.


Aquashield Roofing is a Local Roofing Contractor Near You Providing Wood Cedar Shake Repairs and New Cedar Shake Tile Installations.

Wood shingles were manufactured in the early part nineteenth time period in saw mills that all were steam powered for production. The roofing industry was booming and there was a big demand for Cedar Shake roofing shingles and shingle weavers for the mass production to meet the need of the roofing industry. Both jobs were very dangerous, for a shingles weaver because they would have to feed the wood into a giant saw blade up close and personal. The shingle weavers would often loose limbs or die from bleeding too death. Installing the wooden Cedar Shakes as a roofer on the job with not many concerns about safety preparation back in those days.

Wood shingles are still used too this very day but the fasteners are a much better quality then they were over one hundred years ago. Cedar shakes adsorb water and also expand and contract heavily. The underlayment is really what protects the roof and keeps the structure dry while the cedar shakes protect the roofing underlayment from the harmful UV rays from the natural sunlight.

Cedar Shake Shingle roofing systems are very costly and do not last as long as they do in other places. This is mainly because of the building codes in the Murfreesboro, North Carolina local area. It is mandatory that in the Murfreesboro, NC that wood shakes are installed on top of plywood only but in many cities across the United States of America Cedar Shingles are installed on a roof deck made of wood planks so that the Cedar Shake Shingles can breath and also have lots of airflow. When Cedar Shakes are installed this way; the wooden roofing shingles can have a much longer lifespan.

For most roofers a Cedar Shake shingle roof can be difficult to repair and it is not something that you can do cheap. Cedar shakes can give your residential home or commercial property an old fashion rustic look while also protecting your family from the harsh elements that mother nature can bring too your doorstep. If you are interested in wood shingles, Cedar Shake Shingles or any other type of roofing products then contact Aquashield Roofing today! We are the local roofing contractor near you.

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